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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home Alone?

I wan my ball ball... T_T

Mommy is going off for 5days holiday... *sobz*

i wanted to go with mommy de...
SEE! im even prepared to go with her...

Im ready now...

Can i?

Mommy say im on heat.. so have to wear panties.. i hate to wear it.... >=(

Thats all for now.. i will go and try convince my mommy to bring me go gai gai with her.. muahahaa!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

jus for laughs

home alone part 1...

Mommy & Daddy went to Sentosa last week.. they didnt tell me at 1st.. but i knew cos of DOGGY instink! cos i saw mommy's pictures of the tickets..
(mommy: its instinct my dear)

cable car ticket... (dun have my share)

Butterfly Garden...
underwater world and dolphin show! why cant i go!

These are all the dreadful TICKETS!

my mom gave me some of the lames excuses! for why i cant go... cos mommy say i will bite the butterfly, bark at the dolphins jumping out of the water and mommy worry that i might be afraid of heights! *cry* Mommy so bad right! hmp! so i have no choice but to stay at home lor...

But at least i get their bed to snooze for the whole afternoon! hiakhiakhiak...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

an experiment gone WRONG!.

Mommy knew i was allergic to chicken.. but she wanted to give me more of those protein and vitamin thingy.. Silly mommy consulted people from the forum.. they say can try abit.. then while making breakfast for herself on a faithful morning.. she gave me some egg with bread! i ate it thou.. cos i actually eat anything that smells good.. i dun care so much about my "figure" anyway..

As of which, it actually turn out that 2 days aft the egg and bread i lost some of my fur on my buttock... hmp! mommy and daddy was laughing at my "lost" saying im botak again..........

and now mommy have put me back on the supplements and spray.. i dun like the spray... made me smell like vanilla.. yuck! Hope my "lost" will come back to me fast fast! so spray spray no more!!

will update the pictured when i got hold of my mommy's lappy...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My day out with mommy and daddy!

Finally i can blog.. Mummy forgot my user-ID and password when i asked her to help me log in while i get ready all my pictures!

And most of the time mummy go to DFS to have my pic and stuff all loaded there.. But anyway! recently we just went to Pasir Ris Beach! Thanks to daddy he go and fix mummy's bike with a basket so i can sit in!

And mummy say its a great chance for her to work out some FATS! haha!

Here me w
ith my mummy.. I didnt wan to go in the water one.. but she carried me into it..! See her smurky face! And see my poor puppy face.. =(

Mommy comforting me.. WHY? COS I DUN WAN TO GO IN THE WATER~!

Must i really go?


Mummy: Joey we come here already.. u have to enjoy u know.. dun be scared..

Joey: But i dont wan.. T_T


Are u coming to help me or not~!

AHHHH~!!! im sinking!!!

(Mummy: drama gal *tsktsktsk*)



Hey! U know.. Its kinda FUN! Im going back~! =D

Mummy: See the smirk on her face now?

Here i come! =P

Mummy opens her arms big and wide for me... As im reaching near her.. =)

At Last... Feel mummy warm huggy...

-Is that my... FREESBEE~!?

- Gottcha!

- Phew! Thats was LOADS of fun!

- Hey wait... who's THAT!


Mummy: Its a pug.. the pug started to run away when joey starts to bark at poor lil-puggy.. haizz.. Joey ah Joey....


A funny lil-pic to share of Joey..


Ok.. enough of laughing at me.. or else i will get angry! >=(
Anyway, lets continue.. Mummy and Daddy cycle to petmovers with me in mummy's basket.. We stop for a few times cos Mummy and Daddy was tired cos of all the cycling and the swimming.. Hump! So much for an excitement! When we reach petmovers as usual there was no one.. then i was let off leash for a run! today's run abit short.. cos grandma and grandda came to pick us up at 6.30pm..

Mummy: PheW! lucky they say to come pick us up.. haha.. else me and my bf sure KO.. and will have to stop for a few more rounds.. hahhaha~!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st ever video of ME!!

my grandma and mommy love this video so much!!! i hope u like it too!

adding on some pics! my mommy jus loves taking pic of me..

here i go!

me in new shirt! nice?

mommy is so upset... Daddy promised to bring me and mommy out to the doggy pool at Pasir Ris.. but daddy say he's very tired.. so we nv go... sobz....

and now its time for a nap.. stay tune for my updates!

And now is some pics my mommy took... which she say some of the pics i look very sweet and cute... hehhe...

smiling at my daddy..

What is that?? Tell me, Tell me..!!!

They say i dun sit like a dog.. they say i sit like a hooman baby.... hmmm =/

Mommy say this is her fav pic... look more like a soft toy.,. hehee..

My daddy and mommy did some "grooming" on me.. omg.. its so ugly!!

hiding one corner after the whole ordeal..

But I'm still a happy DOG!!